Are You Happy And You Know It?

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.

Remember that song? We used to sing it at summer camp.  Little moldable munchkins, perceptive to the innocent brainwashing of our “fearless” (but more likely, clueless) leaders.

What do you do when you’re happy? Do you clap your hands? Do you stomp your feet? Does your face surely show it?

When I’m happy, I laugh, I smile. But this seems not to be the case with most people. Why is that?

I’ve started to notice that not a lot of people are riding this train with me. Have you ever said something funny to someone and their reaction was more a look of surprise? Rather than a response of humor or joy?

There seems to be a lack of laughter in the social environment these day. A hole in the ozone of happiness, if you will.

It is a problem that is fixable, but we all need to do our part. And I am making a claim today, to do my part, as little as it may be. 
My hope for this blog is to make one person smile, every day. Just one, That’s my goal. If it’s two people, well that’s just a bonus. But it all starts with one. Hopefully, the positivity will catch on and spread like wildfire. 

Let’s light it up.

1 thought on “Are You Happy And You Know It?”

  1. Today, you did your job. You made me smile. =)

    I feel inspired to also “do my part” and continue the crusade.

    I’m happy and I know it. I’m clapping my hands, stomping my feet and today my face surely shows it.

    Thank you,

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